Business Growth Playbooks – Account Setup

Dear Sir/Madam,

Greetings. Thanks for joining us at Tekedia Institute. We have created or upgraded your account at  with your email address (the very one you received the invitation for account setup).  There are three steps; Step 3 is compulsory. If you do not do it, you will not see your course in your profile.

Step 1: [Do not forget Step 3] If you have an account already at , click Sign In, put your email and password. Then, click Sign In which is below your password and has a red background, to login. Move to Step 3.

Step 2: [Do not forget Step 3] If you do not have an account yet, click Sign In,  then click the circular button by the right side of the red-background Sign In.

The circular button (password recovery), once clicked, will ask you to put your email. Put your email and click Reset Password. Then go to your email box, and click the link in a new email from Tekedia Institute titled “Password Recovery”. Type any password of your choice (remember it please); click Reset Password. Click Log in to login into the platform. (In all cases, your username is your email.)

Step3: You must do this step for your course to show in your profile. For privacy compliance, click here, and then click “Take this course” to complete the setup.


You will see your course on My Profile. Click the Course (Playbook1: Business Growth Playbooks).

You will see under Lesson, a link for the Zoom schedules.

Note: once you have done this setup, next time, just go to and login).



  • Ifeoma Tete Mbuk

    I look forward to very enriching discussions.

  • kingsley610f51387ca5b

    Hello, I am already registered, but I missed the last two sessions due to personal schedule conflicts. Is there a way to catch-up on the past classes? Thanks

    • Tekedia Institute

      Please login into your account. There is a LESSON under your Course (under MY PROFILE). Everything is recorded there. Watch the 2 videos.