The following internships are available:

12 Awoniake Crescent Surulere Lagos State Nigeria

Seamate Project and Innovation Lead role deliverables is to drive our project and innovation business growth across in Nigeria and Africa.  This role, requiring a successful relationship business project developer to strategically position our company’s services, projects, and our five years strategies plan for AFCFTA.  You will thrive on identifying opportunities and negotiating successful outcomes. Whilst an autonomous role, you will be part of a collaborative and supportive team to company management and leadership.

Duties Include:

  • Determining, implementing, and monitoring Innovation strategies, policies, and plans.
  • Developing and implementing Seamate projects, priorities, and targets to support commercial and policy developments.
  • Leading major Seamate innovation projects and coordinating activities of other innovations/projects in the business.
  • Assessing the benefits and monitoring the costs and effectiveness of innovation, budgeting, and cost forecasting of innovation initiatives.
  • Interpreting results of research projects and recommending associated product and service development innovations for IOCs in Nigeria and Africa
  • Providing advice on research and development options available on the company projects.
  • Monitoring leading-edge developments in relevant industry disciplines and assessing implications for the organisation.
  • Report to senior management on company product technical issues as well as technical developments within the market.
  • Complete work as required and associated with all or individual components of a typical project lifecycle to enable efficient and successful project completion, including:
    • Concepts research, modelling, and evaluation
    • Definition of final concept and scope
    • Preparation of capital requests
    • Works component planning structure
    • Detailed design, tender and detailed costing
    • Work orders and vendor arrangements
    • Works delivery and budget control
    • Works implementation and handover
    • Review and follow-up
  • Management and mentorship of the Innovation team.


  • Leverage on the power of Seamate strategic partnership to help drive solution design for projects:
  • Create your own delivery strategies to align Seamate business value vision with the technical capabilities to and build Proof of Concepts to display how solutions meets customer requirements.
  • Champion, implement and deliver Seamate five years Strategic Plans 2021-2026
  • Champion, implement and complete the ISO 9001 2015 Certification auditing process for Seamate business.
  • Setting goals for the Seamate project and innovation developments unit and develop strategies to meet those goals.
  • Deliver Four New Innovation Projects line for the company in the next 6 months.
  • Organise /Attending conferences and industry events showing casing Seamate.

Knowledge and Abilities require for your success.

  • Excellent business management skills including, strong engineering project management skills, time management, organisational skills, and the ability to build a strong working relationship with our global product partner network.
  • Ability to develop the appropriate solution for our customers in relation to the specific business and commercial need. Strongly recommend you work with the Business development lead and Management to diver the task.
  • Project Management book given to read would help you fit in, to understand your roles and deliverables.

Our Expectations   

  • Deliver above tasks with proven records within your probation period.
  • Issue weekly report on evidence of your task progress via the weekly report to Mgt
  • Contribution during strategic meetings, management meetings. Contribution on general company business that drive profitability.
  • Think outside the box and focus on delivering your task and targets.             

How to Apply: send your CV/resume or LinkedIn profile to [email protected] from the email you enrolled and attended Tekedia programs.        

Graduate Compliance Interns (United States of America)

A US neobanking institution is looking for paid graduate interns for remote positions in its Compliance and Regulatory Department.  The interns must have US work permits.

  • A compliance officer is an individual who ensures that a company complies with its outside regulatory and legal requirements as well as internal policies and bylaws.
  • Compliance officers have a duty to their employer to work with management and staff to identify and manage regulatory risk.

Requirements: a university/polytechnic graduate with a minimum of prior 6-month compliance experience in the financial sector.

How to Apply: send your CV/resume or LinkedIn profile to [email protected] from the email you enrolled and attended Tekedia programs.

For Companies looking for interns, we want to read from you; please email [email protected] with your requests including role and qualifications, location (physical or remote), duration, compensation if any, and other necessary requirements like work permits.